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Specialized Trigger Work services at C.A.R. Firearms in Kent, WA. Ensuring smooth, consistent, and reliable trigger operations with our expert modifications. Contact us at (253) 642-7461 for tailored trigger solutions!

Trigger Work

Enhanced Trigger Performance

At C.A.R. Firearms, we understand that a smooth and consistent trigger is pivotal for accurate shooting. Our experts are dedicated to offering detailed trigger work, ensuring that your firearm’s trigger provides a reliable, crisp, and smooth operation every time.

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, our specialized trigger services are designed to enhance your shooting experience by providing you with a trigger that meets your specific requirements.

We offer:

Accurate and Reliable Shooting

Optimize your shooting accuracy and reliability with our proficient trigger work at C.A.R. Firearms. Specializing in ensuring that each trigger pull is both consistent and reliable, our gunsmiths dedicate their skills to enhance your firearm's performance, contributing to your accurate and dependable shooting.

From subtle adjustments to major modifications, our experts ensure your trigger enhances, not hinders, your shooting capabilities.

Services include:

Trigger Work

Customized to Your Preferences

Every shooter has unique preferences when it comes to trigger feel and performance. At C.A.R. Firearms, we prioritize personalizing trigger work to your specifications, ensuring the modified trigger compliments your shooting style and preferences.

We take the time to understand your needs, providing custom solutions that enhance your overall firearm usage and shooting accuracy.

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