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Expert Sight Installation services in Kent, WA by C.A.R. Firearms. Enhance accuracy with professionally installed sights. Dial (253) 642-7461 for precision sight installation and comprehensive firearm services.

Sight Installation

Precision Sight Installation

Ensure your shots are accurate and your targets are met with C.A.R. Firearms’ Sight Installation services. Achieving pinpoint accuracy involves precise sight installation, and our team in Kent is dedicated to ensuring your sights are installed with meticulous attention to detail.

We work with a variety of sight types and firearms, ensuring that regardless of your tool, you have sights that are reliable and true.

Our services encompass:

Accurate Shots Every Time

With sights installed by the skilled team at C.A.R. Firearms, you can count on accurate, reliable shots in every condition. Our expert gunsmiths ensure that every sight installation is performed with the utmost precision, guaranteeing accuracy in your shooting endeavors whether at the range or in the field.

We pride ourselves on offering sight solutions that cater to diverse shooting needs and preferences.

We provide:

Sight Installation

Sights for All Firearm Types

Our experience spans across various firearm types, ensuring we can competently handle sight installations for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and more. C.A.R. Firearms is committed to providing Kent residents with sight installation services that prioritize accuracy, durability, and reliability in every shot.

Your precision in shooting is our priority, and with our sights, we aim to enhance your accuracy in every pull of the trigger.

We offer: