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Professional Cerakote Painting services by C.A.R. Firearms in Kent, WA. Enhance the aesthetic and protect your firearm with our top-tier Cerakote finishes. Contact us at (253) 642-7461 for a durable, quality finish that stands out and stands up to the elements!


Bringing Quality and Durability with Cerakote Painting

C.A.R. Firearms takes pride in offering superior Cerakote Painting services, providing your firearms not only a revamped appearance but also an enhanced protective layer. Our specialists apply Cerakote, a premier thin-film ceramic coating, to guard against wear and corrosion while giving a refreshed, personalized look to your firearm.

Your firearm deserves a finish that lasts.

We offer:

Customize and Protect with Our Cerakote Services

At C.A.R. Firearms, our Cerakote Painting extends beyond a mere aesthetic upgrade. It’s a commitment to enhancing the longevity and performance of your firearm. With a wide array of color options and designs, our experienced gunsmiths ensure your firearm not only receives a top-quality finish but also a personalized touch that makes it uniquely yours.

Upgrade, protect, and personalize with Cerakote Painting.

Services include:


Your Choice for Detailed and Durable Cerakote Painting

Your firearms deserve a finish that is as durable as it is visually striking. Our Cerakote Painting services at C.A.R. Firearms do precisely that, by providing a robust coating that protects against the elements and daily wear, while also offering a customizable aesthetic that suits your style. With a meticulous approach to every detail, our expert team delivers a finish that enhances, protects, and personalizes your firearm.

Choose C.A.R. Firearms for a finish that truly lasts.

Our Cerakote Painting services cover: