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Unmatched Gun Repair services at C.A.R. Firearms in Kent, WA. From minor adjustments to major repairs, our expert gunsmiths are here to revive your firearms. Dial (253) 642-7461 to restore your firearm's performance and safety with our detailed repair services today!

Firearm Repair/Shotguns

Experienced Gunsmiths At Your Service

At C.A.R. Firearms, our skilled gunsmiths bring your firearms back to life with detailed and reliable Gun Repair services. Utilizing years of experience and precise tools, we diagnose and repair issues, ensuring your firearm operates safely and effectively. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions that ensure your firearms are dependable and in optimal working condition.

Your firearm's safety and reliability are our priority.

We specialize in:

Restoring Firearm Functionality

Revolver Repair at C.A.R. Firearms is handled with a craftsman's touch. We specialize in the art of restoring and enhancing the function of your revolvers. Our expertise covers the full spectrum from cherished antique revolvers brimming with history to the latest modern models designed for precision. We take pride in troubleshooting and resolving all mechanical issues, ensuring that every revolver is tuned to perfection.

Our commitment to excellence means your revolver will function as smoothly as the day it was made, if not better. With us, your revolver's performance and safety are in expert hands.

Our dedicated revolver services include:

Firearm Repair/Shotguns

Dependable Repairs for Safe Operation

Every shotgun repair at C.A.R. Firearms is approached with meticulous care and a stringent adherence to safety protocols. Specializing in shotgun repair, we understand the complexities and nuances that come with maintaining and restoring these particular firearms. Our seasoned gunsmiths are dedicated to ensuring that every shotgun we service is returned to a state of perfect operation and safety. We're recognized in Kent, WA, as the definitive experts for shotgun repairs, renowned for our thoroughness and reliability.

When it comes to shotguns, We provide that every aspect of their operation, from the action to the choke, is functioning smoothly and safely. Our expertise means that your shotgun is in the hands of professionals who provide: