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PLEASE READ: We just moved to a new location! For the consideration of our new neighbors, please keep firearms in cases or holsters. If you do not have something to conceal your firearm, let us know so we can provide a case for vehicle to shop transportation. Thank you.

As a fully capable in-house shop, we have several standard services to meet the most discerning firearms enthusiast. This is just a sample of work we can do. If you have a question about specific services, feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to speak with you.

Services Include:
Finishing - Molyresin & Duracoat Threading & Pinning Scope Installation
Fabrication & Machining Trigger Work Stippling & Grip Improvements
  Sight Installation  
No two finishing projects are alike! If you need a color match or new finish for a firearm we use an extremely durable Molyresin or Duracoat. The process is painstakingly accomplished from bead blasting to spray booth to kiln dry. Note: We do not provide blueing, nickel plating, or heat treatments. These processes are a a rare specialty. Please contact us for recommended bluing options.
Color Match FDE Shotgun and Glock
Pin G19FDE Saiga
Molyresin Colt 1911
Slide cuts, bolt carriers, charging handles, folding stocks, cracked firearms repair, barrel cuts, grip cuts, sight cuts, sling attachments.
Custom G17Left Hand Charge AK
Ball Milled Slide Cuts
We can permanently affix flash hiders, perform barrel cutting, secure a shroud attachment, or thread your barrel for a flash hider or suppressor.
Battlecomps on M&P 15-22SR22 Suppressor ThreadingPinned 50 Cal Brake
M&P, Glock, 1911, Beretta, CZ, Revolvers, Shotguns, 10/22, Bolt-Action Rifles, Lever Action, AR, AK, etc.
CZ-SP01 Single Action Conversion1911 STI Trigger Conversion
Revolver Rehabilitation
Need Night Sights or Fiber Optics installed? Are your sights off target?
We can install pistol, rifle, and shotgun sights on many modern an vintage firearms.
Nothing beats the feeling of hitting a target at 500 yards. Let us mount the scope so that you only have to worry about the target! We can also mount red-dot pistol sights, including slide milling work for numerous manufacturers including JP, RMR, Doctor, Fastfire.
  Red Dot Installation
Never underestimate the control a nice grip provides. We can stipple any polymer or plastic surface to allow better handling and control. Don't let sweat or gloves slow you down! Most stippling is IDPA and USPSA legal, talk to us about your options.
Stippled G17Stippled M&P
Glock StippliedGlock Stipple

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